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FIRM PROFILE             

Our professional team is comprised of highly educated and experienced professionals who are devoted to serving our clients. Most of our professional team are CPAs, many of whom have advanced degrees. Our professional team draws from their past experience and collaboratively possesses a broad range of expertise and industry knowledge. This in-depth knowledge provides us with an understanding of the complexities and changing needs of your business. The Firm also employs paraprofessionals to provide accounting related services. To ensure that our clients receive the highest value for our fees, we are committed to empowering our team with up-to-date superior technical knowledge and resources.

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Our firm's business strategy is to focus on our strengths and provide outstanding client service. We define our strategy by the needs of our clients, not by the actions of our competitors.

Commitment to Quality

The single most important factor in our firm's success over the past 70 years has been our uncompromising commitment to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Providing quality service to our clients is our primary objective, and we have developed review procedures and communications that ensure the highest standards of performance. We continue to rely on our proven policies and control procedures to anticipate the needs of our clients.

Each business we audit or review is unique. Therefore, the services to our clients require planning that is tailored to that particular client operation and their financial reporting requirements. Our approach is based on a thorough understanding of the client's business.

Our personnel will place a high priority on maintaining effective working relationships with your personnel and make sure they receive an immediate response to their questions. Our professional staff is composed of highly motivated professionals with mature judgment and extensive experience. We are a service oriented company and understand the obligations we have to our clients on a continuing basis.

Highest Quality Audit Services

While the range of services provided by most accounting firms has expanded significantly, compilations, reviews, and audits continue to be the dominant aspect of our practice. We reject the notion that these services are a commodity. In the course of carrying out an engagement, your accounting firm should generate information and develop insights that--in the hands of professionals who combine competence with judgment, maturity, and creativity--will result in improved controls and safeguards leading ultimately to greater efficiencies and clear, concise and understandable financial reporting that is respected by the financial community. We have an outstanding relationship with the banking community and our financial reports are well respected by the banks to whom they are submitted. We also have an excellent working relationship with the Internal Revenue Service. Our track record speaks for itself.

Leadership in Our Profession

Kane and Kane's auditing, review, compilations, tax, and consulting services to our clients are unsurpassed, as demonstrated throughout this commentary. Not only do we perform accounting, tax and management consulting services for our varied clients, including a large concentration in the health care field, we also provide leadership to the industry within our own profession. As an example, Peter Kane has developed and structured a joint venture between a local hospital and a group of physicians wherein a portion of hospital owned property was converted into a doctor owned medical office building with the hospital and the doctors participating in a joint medical real estate limited liability company on the hospital campus. We have also been involved in structuring numerous real estate limited partnerships and limited liability companies. Peter, Brian Chisholm and Fred Franco have been intensely involved in valuing businesses including medical practices and in the purchase and sale of health care practices.

A Service Philosophy Based on Value

First and foremost, we are in business to serve our clients, to help them solve their problems and achieve their business objectives, and to make a solid contribution to their success and profitability. From our newest recruit to the top management of our firm, our people work to identify and respond to our clients' needs. We devote significant resources to ensuring that we meet our high standards. We will also obligate and encourage your internal accounting staff to share these high standards.

Quality Control

Every three years Kane and Kane has undergone peer review by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This is a program dedicated to ensuring that participating firms have quality control systems in place over their accounting and auditing practices. We were pleased to have received unqualified opinions and believe it reflects our commitment to perform quality work.

Strategic Tax Services

We are tax professionals who understand that your tax services and overall tax strategy must be driven by your business strategy. We coordinate the complex tax laws and integrate them with the strategic goals of your business.

We are prepared to address these concerns and assist in ethically maximizing current and long-range cash flow needs of our clients by minimizing personal taxes of the principals. Our firm takes great pride in minimizing and deferring taxes whenever possible and we will use our judgment to resolve questions in your favor where the tax law is unclear, or where there are conflicts between the taxing authorities' interpretation of the law and what seem to be other supportable positions. We will continually be generating tax saving ideas and sound tax planning.

Brian Chisholm, Fred Franco and Helen Amaral, who have a Master's Degree in Taxation, will provide their expertise in taxation. They are highly regarded by the clients they service for their client service skills and in-depth understanding of tax matters and they coordinate them with the personal tax situations of the principals. They assist a number of our largest clients in tax accounting methods and compliance matters, including assistance with administrative proceedings and examinations by taxing authorities. They ensure that our client tax needs are met.