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Kane and Kane's strength is the quality of its personnel and its diverse and prestigious clientele. Our personnel comprises five partners and includes 8 certified public accountants along with staff accountants, support staff and a consultant. The firm was founded in 1937 and has grown over the years by adding new client services. Quality client service is our primary goal. We offer our clients the sophisticated capabilities associated with large national and regional firms yet we maintain a local hands-on approach. With a greater proportion of senior people on our staff, clients are assured, regardless of their size, of receiving the attention and expertise of an experienced team. We emphasize giving our clients a timely, quality service. Our clients work in a variety of businesses, have varied interests, and different tolerances for risks and their own unique goals. Since there are no typical clients, we have no typical approach - we stress a personal approach. We approach our clients as a team and our clients get the benefit of varied ideas and expertise. Our broad range of services is designed to meet our clients' needs. We know the overall workings of our clients' business and we know our clients themselves.

Kane and Kane provides, among other things, the following services to its clients

Kane and Kane has been situated in Fall River, Massachusetts since its inception and presently occupies approximately 6,500 square feet of a 10,000 square foot two story brick building. We are centrally located and convenient to all major highways in the area.

Although we are locally based, we are large enough to provide the skills, experience and sophistication to handle all client matters, yet small enough to maintain a close working relationship with our clients and to render personalized service. Our firm philosophy stresses regular communications with our clients during the year as clients may need to make important decisions. We focus on timely, quality service and are always available when clients need to make quick decisions.